The Magic Encyclopedia ™

(by Aale de Winkel)

special thanks to <Harvey Heinz> and [John R Hendricks] their LEXICON is an excellent book to get aquainted with the subjects discussed here, for purchasing details see:

The lexicon is full of marvelous samples. This encyclopedia tries to fill the gaps and tries to define things more explicitely, also the author (Aale de Winkel) found it an excellent way to reorder his own work and provide links to samples and other places. Thanks also to both for their reviewing my articles and their discussions about their content.

Also special thanks to <George Chen> discussions with him gave rise to many a subject written into encyclopedia articles.

Most of the terms in the index are taken from the lexicon, some times generalized (since the author thinks them generalizable, some lexicon"s terms are (currently) left out or ill described because the author couldn"t find a description in a few lines yet. (Unless an article is linked to, the lexicon is still the prefered reference) Also the encyclopedia is not the place where samples are collected (as the lexicon is) The encyclopedia is linking onto pages with samples at different URL"s

The encyclopedia"s database lists many a result obtained from the listed material by me as well as others. Most of it"s articles containes complete listings of squares and is therefore limited to just a selection and to the low orders. The reader who is in the possession of such data is hereby invited to send the data to me (preferably in the format used by the database).

The encyclopedia is meant to be an open platform for posting definitions of items. The author appreciate contributions in the same format of already uploaded articles. Right klick an article, and select "view source", edit the article to contain your definitions and save it with an apropriate name, send the article to me by email attachment. Also provide links to appropriate places on the web.