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(by Aale de Winkel)

Below I intend to compile the links and (email) adresses I used elsewhere in this encyclopedia and most likely also to some other sites I know of which might be of interest. The reader is invited to sent in his own data in case he has his own site on the subjects discussed or is a mere worker in this interesting field.
The bracketed name forms an email adress, there below the main site, a personal remark is given, some general notes and special remarks. postal adresses might become listed iff so required by listed person, however I suggest contacting the person directly by listed email adress suffice.
The mentioned "notables" are things this author noted, the listed person is invited to provide things to be mentioned (in case please keep this list short and relevant to the subject of magic items)
Names between "<" and ">" are email links,between "[" and "]" they are mere names (this notation is adepted everywhere within this encyclopedia)

The Magic Encyclopedia
Links and adresses
Person and site remarks
<Eric Weisstein>
comprehensive and interactive mathemathical encyclopedia
Suggestion: visit if you are interested in mathematics
[John R Hendricks]
1929.09.04 - 2007.07.07
John Hendricks Math
A lifetime spent on the subject resulted in many self-published books
John passed away July 7 2007 (His work is maintained by <Harvey Heinz>
see also Magic HyperCube
doubling method
p-digital equations
Notables: Visualized the tesseract (4-dimensional hypercube)
Found a general hypercube doubling method<
(see also Marián Trenkler)
Found the first bimagic cube ever.
[Harvey Heinz]
1930.08.31 - 2013.07.06
"magic stars squares
and other subjects"

Excellent discussions with Harvey resulted in many a subject and new ideas
The site provide an excelent resourse of ideas and samples
Suggestion: see:
for acquiring the Lexicon
see also Magic stars
Quadrant Magic
Notables: His investigation of magic stars
Listings of various magic square subjects
Suggestions inspired new subject as Quadrant Magic,
Panmagic Stars and various other subjects
<Marián Trenkler>
Marián Trenkler
A professional mathematician working this field
Suggestion: download some interesting mathematical papers from his site
see also doubling method.
Notables: Found a general hypercube doubling method
(see also John R. Hendricks)
Mathematical work on magic hypercubes
<Walter Trump>
teacher for Mathematics, Physics and Computer-Science
living in Nuremberg (the home of Albrecht Dürer)
Remark: writing computer programs for fun since 1983
Using GB32 programs to count magic squares
<William Walkington>
British expat in France
magic squares from torus viewpoint
<Holger Danielsson>
nice new site on magic squares
<Donald Morris>
retired tool and die maker who has an excellent
site on franklin squares
see also Franklin Magic Squares.
<Arie Breedijk>
new (dutch) kid on the block
site on preliminary franklin squares
see also Franklin Magic Squares.
<Awani Kumar>
A forester investigating magic knight tours
Remark: compiled over 1300 single diagonal magic tours
on 12x12 board and 76 magic knight tours on a
16x16 board. further 54 tours on a 4x4x4 cube
and also magic knight tours on a 12x12x12 cube
see also the Games and Puzzles Journal
<Francis Gaspalou>
A French Engineer - living near Paris
Remark: Applies Group-Theory to magic squares
<Dwane Campbell>
Chemist with a site devoted to squares, cubes, and hypercubes
that can be made by combining lines
Remark: Concentrates on {nasik} hypercubes order 2n
<Ab Bay Ima>
New kid on the block
Remark: magic squares in algebraical formalisations
<Willem Barink>
found interesting compounding method
see also Multiplication
Costructor of the Iching Magic Circle
Remark: Someone entirily new to the subject (it seems)
<Peter D Loly>
Interesting articles on magic square and cubes
Remark: Calls "Multiplication" "Compounding"
<Robert Dickter>
Interesting articles linked to the luo-shu square
see also: Pythagorean triplets
<Harry White>
square counting and downladable programs
<Mitsutoshi Nakamura>
magic Cubes and Tesseracts
great new site on magic cubes
<Paul Pasles>
Paul Pasles
Investigation of Squares and Circles by Ben Franklin
see also Franklin Squares
Franklin Circle
Bent diagonal
[Garrett Jones]
Fourth Dimension:

Investigation of the fourth dimension by Garrett Jones
see also Hypercube
<George Chen>
An interesting email contact with great ideas on the subject
see also 4-pan bimagic panmagic order 9 squares (see: DataBase)
Pandiagonal Stacking
[Gil Lamb]
An interesting email contact with great ideas on the subject
see also Generating Hypercube
[Kathleen Ollerenshaw]
[David Brée]
most perfect
pandiagonal magic squares

(note: site deleted)
Work done by "dame Ollerenshaw" inspired many to study the panmagic feature on order 4p
Suggestion: see site for acquiring dame Ollerenshaw"s book
see also panmagic (orders 4p)
Notables: Found a general method for obtaining "most-perfect" squares order 4p
Authors note: The qualification "Most Perfect" this author found achievable by
some other means (see "pandiagonal Transform") and found the
qualification of dame Ollerenshaw simularly defined for doubly
even hypercube of any dimension
[M Suzuki]
magic squares and cubes
<Suzanne Alejandre>
Provides many a link to pages on the subject.
Attempts made by this author to get listed failed uptill now
Suggestion: visit and find many a link not provided here
Authors note: Site moved to mathforum, M. Suzuki can not be reached by email any more
Alejandre"s mail adress is listed in the uploaded page as contact
<Christian Boyer>
General method (?) for p-MultiMagic squares
Notables: The first 4-MultiMagic and 5-MultiMagic squares found
Magic Squares by "Grog"
Views a magic square as a colorised carpet
see also panmagic squares (square orders)
<Bogdan Golunski>
"Number Galaxies"
Shows great results from a somewhat irregular hypertorus model.
Suggestion: Site to visit for those who think that the subject is about
finding bigger squares or hypercubes
see also Models
Notables: the "Number Galaxies"
[Alan Adler]
Magic Squares: "Multiplication"
in a new context

Same kind of multiplication I found.
see also Multiplication
<Charles Kelly>
"Magic Squares and Hypercubes"
Java applet provide many a sample of hypercubes
The links below are provided as is (Reader is invited to sent me other interesting relevant URL"s)
neat almost magical square with knight jump property (the diagonal soms are off)
Pages on the Sator Square:
This author has no access to a real mathematical library, and works from the books of John Hendricks
only, some other articles sent to me by either email or regular mail. Below links to pages listing
resources. The reader is invited to send me URL"s of more such pages he has or know off
Marián Trenkler"s Magic Cubes and Hypercubes References
M. Suzuki"s refference page
Harvey Heinz bibliography page