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index item with this background taken from the LEXICON by Harvey Heinz and John R Hendricks
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Position in hyperspace
Colorisation patterns an m/p by m/p square of digit changing permutations to be
applied on the p by p subsquares having radix p digits
(Aale de Winkel)
special qualifier of hypercubes
Article discusses mainly {2compact}
see also Qualification
Complementairy pair patterns Patterns formed by lines between complementairy numbers
relevant subject Dudeney group pattens
Composition Hypercube Result of hypercube multiplication
relevant subject Composition magic square
see also Magic Hypercube
Concentric magic see Bordered or inlaid magic
Constant general term for the constant of various magic types of object
see also Addition (Sum)
Division (Quotient)
Multiplication (Product)
Subtraction (Remainder)

(Aale de Winkel)
Bordering method constructing concentric hypercubes
see also Walter Trumps: magic-squares

(Aale de Winkel)
Method summary for construction of hypercubes
see also Magic Hypercube
Crosmagic square Quadrant magic square for the "cros"pattern
see also Quadrant Magic
Special Magic Features