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index item with this background taken from the LEXICON by Harvey Heinz and John R Hendricks
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Diamagic square Quadrant magic square for the "diam"pattern
see also Quadrant Magic
Special Magic Features
p-Digital Equations Modular equations resulting in Latin Component Hypercubes
(Construction tool)
Digit Equations
Digital Equations
prime-digital Equations
1-digital equations
2-digital equations
p a prime number
see also Latin Hypercube
prime-digital Equations
Digital-root magic squares Special kind of magic square
lines sum to integral multiple of same number ("the digital root")
Digit changing The substitution of a digit by another digit
(best denoted by a permutation)
see also Latin Hypercube
Colorisation patterns
Aspectial variant
Aspectial variant of an object
Division successive numbers are divided by a prior division
The "Quotient" of each line (x0 .. xn-1) is correctly stated by:
Q = fn-1; fi = xi / fi-1; i = 1..n-1; f0 = x0
see also Addition
Domino magic square Magic square formed with dominos
Double magic
Special magic feature where a magic figure also sums
magically when all numbers are squared
relevant subject Bimagic cube
Bimagic squares
see also MultiMagic
Magic Hypercube
Special Magic Features
Doubling method General method for doubling any hypercube
Hendricks / Trenkler (Construction tool)
Doubly even orders orders of type 4m
Doubly odd orders
Singly even orders
Oddly even
orders of type 2(2m+1)
Dudeney group patterns
(Aale de Winkel)
pattern of lines connecting complementairy numbers
see also p-tuple patterns
Relevant Webpage HarVey Heinz transform page
Dynamic Numbering
(Aale de Winkel)
new insights into <Gil Lamb>"s Dynamic Numbering
see also Multiplication of Rectangles
Generating Squares