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index item with this background taken from the LEXICON by Harvey Heinz and John R Hendricks
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Generalized No condition on the used numbers
see also Analitic (number range)
Regular (number range)
Irregular (number range)
Generalized parts objects of any shape
relevant subject Patchwork magic square
see also Magic Hypercube
Special magic features

(Aale de Winkel)
new insights into <Gil Lamb>"s "generating squares"
see also Multiplication of Rectangles
Dynamic Numbering

(Aale de Winkel)
Generalisation of "generating squares"
Geometric Used numbers are in geometric progression
see also Arithmetic
Goreography Set of n "0 (mod m) summing" hypercubes describing a number dance isomorphism
see also Panmagic square of prime order (Irregular)
Graeco latin square use of two latin squares (one with greek and one with latin letters
see also Latin Hypercube
Graph (?? figure with lines ??)
Group Theory
(Aale de Winkel)
Some note on the grouptheoretical aspects of magic squares
see also <Francis Gaspalou>
Generating Squares