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index item with this background taken from the LEXICON by Harvey Heinz and John R Hendricks
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M2-ply Special condition within a magic square.
Magic circle 2-dimensional magic hypercircle
Magic Beam 3 dimensional magic hyperbeam
Magic Carpet Grogono"s view of latin squares
Relevant Webpage Magic Squares by "Grog"
Magic Cube 3 dimensional magic hypercube
Magic diamond A magic square tilted by 45o
Magic Hyperbeam
(Aale de Winkel)
rectangular shaped figure in hyperspace
several amounts of numbers in all directions
Authors Webpages Magic Beam
related Webpages (not yet compiled)
related subjects Magic Beam
Magic Rectangle
Magic Hypercube
Magic Hypercube
(Aale de Winkel)
rectangular shaped figure in hyperspace
equal amount of numbers in all directions
Authors Webpages Magic HyperCube
Magic Squares and Cubes
related Webpages many a website are around below just a few of them:
(M.Suzuki"s) Directory listing of pages on magic squares and cubes.
Harvey Heinz site on "magic stars squares and other subjects"
related subjects Magic Hyperbeam
Magic Squares
Magic Cubes
Magic Hyperline Figure
(Aale de Winkel)
figures consisting of lines in hyperspace
Authors Webpages Magic Line Figures
related Webpages NOVEL SUBJECT (not yet investigated)
related subjects Perimeter Magic Polygons
Magic Stars
Magic line diagrams Lines connecting centers of n-points in a magic object
(sequentially by n-point occupying number)
Magic Object (Generalized)
(Aale de Winkel)
General framework for handling magic numeric objects
Authors Webpages Generalized Magic Objects
related Webpages VectorSpace
related subjects Magic Vector Space
all other discussed items
Magic Polygon Symmetrical shaped magic hyperline figure
(without line crossings)
Magic Product the magic constant in a multiplication magic object
see also Multiplication(object)
Magic Quotient the magic constant in a division magic object
see also Division
Magic Ratio the fraction of magic items lines in all items
the "items" needs to be specified when appropriate
see also r-agonal Ratio
Magic Ring
(Aale de Winkel)
Order 2k ring around order 2(k-1) square
Magic Remainder the magic constant in a subtraction magic object
see also Subtraction
Magic Square 2 dimensional magic hypercube
Magic Series
Theory of Magic Series
(Walter Trump (pdf file))
selction of n number summing to the magic sum
see also Magic sum
Magic Sum the magic constant in a addition magic object
see also Addition
Magic Star Symmetrical shaped magic hyperline figure
(with line crossings)
Magic Vector Space A Generalized Magic Object which
poses the magic condition on an object with real numbers
Main n-agonal n-agonal of the hypercube starting from the (0) to the (m-1) position
(authors note: some are using this term for all the (non-broken) hyper-n-agonals)
Mapping The isomorphisms between two hyperobjects
(Aale de Winkel)
Mathematical models.
(Aale de Winkel)
Special Magic Feature, where the figure also sums when numbers are raised to the powers uptil p
Authors Webpages Magic HyperCube (MultiMagic)
Magic Squares and Cubes (theory multi-magic)
relevant Webpages
p-Multiplet object a set of p objects which share conditions
see also paired magic squares
paired magic hypercubes
paired object
triplet object
quartet object
using 2 objects
using 3 objects
using 4 objects
Multiplet Permutation A perumutation that splits up into parts with the same sum
see also Panmagic squares of compound orders
successive numbers are multiplied to each other
The "Product" of each line (x0 .. xn-1) is correctly stated by:
P = fn-1; fi = xi * fi-1; i = 1..n-1; f0 = x0
see also Addition
(Aale de Winkel)
Multiplication of two hypercubes
Authors Webpages Magic HyperCube
Magic Squares and Cubes
relevant Webpages (A.Adler"s) Magic Squares: "Multiplication" in a new context
Multiplication of

(Aale de Winkel)
Describes multiplication of rectangles
especially "Normal Rectangles"
see also Generating Squares
Dynamic Numbering