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Special Magic Features
(by Aale de Winkel)

Besides being magic in the regular sense a magic object can have other features, these special features hightens the magic content of the object. This article intents to summarize some of these features (at least some of them)

Special Magic Features
Added on feature are ore around on various magic objects, The Franklin squares heve
the feature of the magicsumming bent diagonls. Ollerenshaw and Bré defined Most-Perfect
for squares only, the author found it also applicable for higher dimensioned hypercubes
Hendricks tries to find as many possible subfigures within the same figure. Heinz and
this author defined the quadrant magic feature / patterns for squares
bent diagonal bent diagonals summing to the magic sum
relevant subject Franklin squares
most-perfect each order 2 Hypercube sums to 2 * (mn+1) and each pair (n/2 apart) on
all (broken) n-agonals sum up to (mn+1)
website Kathleen Ollerenshaw and David Brée Most-Perfect squares.
s-pan-r ever s'th pan-r-agonal is summing to the magic sum
perfect 1-pan-r for r = 2 .. n
quadrant a square is said to be quadrant magic for a certain pattern when a pattern is repeated
in every quadrant and all four of them are summing to the magic sum