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The HyperCube

The regular n dimensional HyperCube of order m nHm is an arangement of numbers
1 .. mn in an m by ... by m (n m's) hypercube

The magic HyperCube is a regular HyperCube where all pilars and the n-agonals are summing to the same sum: (the hypercubes magic sum)

nSm = [i=1m^n i] / mn-1 = [mn (mn + 1) / 2] / mn-1 = [m (mn + 1) / 2]

(there are mn pilars in the hypercube, m of which are disjunct in each direction, the total sum is distributed over these, hence the dividing factor)

These Pages contain a study on the regular (non-magic) HyperCube and the
Magic HyperCube as well.
As such it is a generalisation of things on my regular Magic Squares and cubes item, and apply to them as well as to hypercubes of dimension > 3.

In John R. Hendricks's Latest Booklet:
Perfect n-dimensional Magic HyperCubes of order 2n
he derives the "treshhold" order 2n for a HyperCube to be (what he calls)
"Perfect" (pan-r-agonal for all r = 0 .. n-1)